ZEITER Biometric Face is a totally trustable system identifying people by their facial features.

The wide range of ZEITER terminals for presence and access control incorporate the most advanced biometric technology for facial recognition existing in the actual market.

There is no doubt that we are onto the most practical, reliable, fast and friendly biometric solution with the best quality price relation.

All ZEITER Biometric Face subterminals are perfectly compoundable, and totally compatibles with the traditional card reading systems and with other biometric technologies like, for example, the ones based on reading fingerprints or finger veins. All of them are also integrated on the ZEITER terminals line.

The ZEITER 160 Biometric Face subterminal covers all the required needs for a qualified and demanding access control system.

Its reduced dimensions make an easier installation in any environment. Designed for setting it up on vertical surfaces; although it lets also an easy adaptation in other positions to the majority of access control passing elements like turnstiles, side entrances, etc.

Besides the camera that identifies the people represented before it, it is equipped with a miniscreen TFT and 2 indicators light-acoustic, red and green, which indicate the state of the operation and facilitates the dialogue with the users at all times.

PYV Reconocimiento Facial

The data capturer ZEITER Biometric Face devices integrate the most advanced facial recognition biometric technology with the total reliability and experience of ZEITER products.