ZEIT Software /Comunications System

Allows connection with devices Data Capture in an orderly, permanent, secure and flexible way. With multiple ways to setup and can when combined. His numerous possibilities make this the most sophisticated in establishing the dialogue between user and machine through devices Data Capture module. It allows to integrate solutions for Human Resources, Safety and Production.

ZEIT Virtual Terminal

The best way to replace the Data Capture devices in places that, for organizational reasons, can not be installed. Your operating environment is the Internet and run from the computer provided for each employee. It contains all the functionality of a physical terminal with ZEIT Software Communications system. ‘Code Signing Certificate’: All solutions for web environments are created for the Security Certification established by the client. Binary Image Functional Software for mobile terminals and ‘PDA’: Ask for the creation of its binary image for all mobile terminals or PDA from your company. PYV develops personalized the creation and issue of the entire set of software that require mobile computers that manage their employees.

DCC – TOOLS’, tools for programmers

It is a solution to integrate features into their developments Communications with Data Capture Terminals without developing anything specifically. It can be ordered in its various modules.

ZEIT Software /Transfers Subsystem

Allows movement of information between systems, and from Software Zeit, even among other management systems of the Company in order to get a Systems Integration. Import and export data via intermediate files or data tables in the databases. Its high level of configuration, creating conditions and allowing to include data when information transfers are made, is is the most important feature.

ZEIT Software /Monitoring Subsystem

Allows the viewing of the events produced in the Communications System in a distributed fashion. No need to access the database, any user can view the data permanently occur in data capture terminals. Includes events right signings, signings or incorrect alarms, photographs of people, the physical state of the devices or the evolution of the volume of people occupying the premises defined. The events can be announced with visual or sound signals.

ZEIT Software/Task Programmer

Our Task Programmer is a complete tool for unattended execution of the most common processes in the Data Capture solutions. This subsystem automates the calculation processes and output of information indicating dates and times. Logs all operations historically.

IntraZeit Software

A complete solution for capture functions specific to the employees within the company’s intranet data. Allows entry and query information stored in ZEIT Software to all modules. You can get a perfect harmony with the image set by the client, being orientated to Human Resources, General Services, Security, Information Systems and Production areas.

ExtraZeit Software

A complete solution for Data Capture functions via the Internet. Employees, visitors, contractors or customers of the Company are the objects of this module. Allows entry and query information stored in ZEIT Software to all modules. You can get a perfect harmony with the image set by the client.

Protocol Comunications Converter

ZEIT Software Communications System can perform any dialogue with Data Capture device known in the market by its protocol converter.

“NAS” Software for data and network proccess

Allows to create and organize a specific Farm Servers for Data Capture solutions. All program execution and data storage are the objectives of our NAS (“Network Appliance System ‘).

Picture Management

Allows management of their document imaging by using conventional navigation or WEB. Integrable on any module Software ZEIT®.

Server Services for UNIX

Optionally you can ask us to install Zeit Communications functions as a UNIX Server service.

RUNTIME, DDK and SDK Services

Optionally you can ask libraries for development functions ZEIT Software Communications System.