External proximity card reader for effective CONTROL ACCESS to PC.


Zeiter PYV
PYV biometría dactilar


Easy installation and integration with many applications

Large capacity of INTEGRATION
READER ACCESS CONTROL PC ZEITER is characterized by its ability to integrate with the most existing applications on the market.

Its basic functionality is to PROTECT THE UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS PC. This feature does not replace the usual procedure for operating system authentication but prevents operate the PC by activating the screen saver.

SAFETY guaranteed
Only customers whose card numbers have previously been registered and properly authorized can unlock the screensaver allowing you to work on your PC. This is immediately activated as the authorized card enters the range of the reader.

The application resides in the operating system boot and runs during the boot sequence. Thus if you try to cancel or sabotage the application startup the operating system automatically ends.

Different reading technologies proximity
READER ACCESS CONTROL ZEITER PC supports various technologies CLOSE reading both high and low frequency depending on the requirements and needs of the system.