Identification Technologies

Zeiter biométrico

PYV offers the most complete range of technologies for the identification means. All their terminals or subterminal can be equipped with this set of technologies developed by the best and biggest manufacturers in the world, with close contacts are maintained.

Highlights include:


  • Contactless Proximity (LEGIC, Flex-pass, Deister, HID, Mifare, Simons Voss)
  • Inductive
  • Barcode
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Contact Chip
  • Biometrics

Companies can obtain a unique means of identification for various applications, thanks to the possibilities of our hardware products, which also enable the integration of all existing means of identification in his company. Through our Commercial Department will get the best advice in this regard.

In conjunction with the integration of our Department of Identification Systems, our customers get the highest quality solutions for your corporate image and represented in the media.

Communications software

PYV Software maker as the most prestigious in the market for their effective and high satisfaction solutions, offers a wide range of solutions for the communication with the hardware. All solutions are compatible with the hardware itself and even with other manufacturers in the market. Each solution is designed for a specific need:

– Zeit Communications Software
– DCC TOOLS Software, tools for integrator
– SDK and DDK, tools for the developer